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The content of this website is in Telugu Language. Please download the BRH Telugu RN font from here and copy to your system's fonts directory. For ex: If you are Windows users, copy font to your %windows%\fonts directory (ex. c:\windows\fonts) and browse the site. If you are LINUX users, login as "root", copy font to your ./usr/share/fonts/ttf directory and browse the site.

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§ñ I. I´ª. ¥¹AhµOµÀ¶¢Ã±³,

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»ªlµèSµAS¸ EAZn±ÀµÀ±¼±ÀµÀAS³ O¸vÉY³,



§ñ I´ª.»p. ¶¥AOµ±µ¶pê,


§ñ ËÈ¢lµïm¸kɶ¥ö±µ «¸ö£À ʪ¢¸ ¶ª£Ài


qÒ´m. ¶mA. +91 – 816 – 2206935

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§ñ ËÈ¢lµïm¸kɶ¥ö±µ ʪ¢¸ ¶ª£Ài,


qÒ´m. ¶mA. +91 – 816 – 2206155

§ñ ¶¥AsûµÀwASµ±ÀµÀï,

§ñ ËÈ¢lµïm¸kɶ¥ö±µ «¸ö£À lûµ±µîlµ±¼÷Sµyµ ¶ª£Ài,



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